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About Artist & Founder



Lisan Chng

Community Mosaic Artist
Founder of MosaicJam International

As a mosaic artist, facilitator, coordinator and initiator of community mosaic projects and participative art, I am passionate about the exploration of cultural identity, by the liberation of creativity and the development of self-confidence through art. I am fascinated to see how the participants of my projects express their self-image in their creations. We are like mosaics made up of experiences of places we have visited and the people we have met. It is this deep search within, the understanding of the other and the celebration of diversity that ignites my passion for my community projects.

Passionate about life and its discovery, my creative projects are inspired by my cultural influences. Through participative art, I dream of establishing intercultural dialogues that celebrate diversity, social integration, and create community bonding. My artistic journey is thus focused using the creation of mosaics to open up space for meeting the other.

Selected as one of two laureates in the entire province of Quebec for the first bursary in cultural mediation mentorship by Culture Pour Tous, my role as a cultural mediator seeks to bring art to the “person on the street”. One can say that I transmit, educate and facilitate this relationship between art and its participants in a cultural and social dimension. My approach is often applied in the context of social development, but it can also be integrated in fields such as health, education, as well as the corporate environment. To date, I have worked with youth, adopted children, seniors, immigrants and minority communities.

At the heart of creation and production, I am often required to bring my project management skills and the skills of facilitating diverse groups to my projects. The cultural mediator role that I play becomes more and more relevant in our individualist and fragmented society; there is a need more than ever to create bonds in communities and to promote self-development and expression.

Since 2014, I travel extensively to birth community projects around the world, so as to weave a thread of human creations that favor intercultural, intergenerational and socially inclusive bonding. My projects can be found notably in Singapore and Canada. In 2016, I was invited to Belgium to teach, initiate and transmit my methodology of participative art in mosaics. In 2017, I am working to realize a teaching project with handicapped orphans in China. I am also re-invited back to Belgium to contribute to a new project involving immigrants that will use my cultural mediation approach as part of community research methodology.

The partners I have worked or are working with include: Accueil et Intégration BSL, Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence, Metis Beach School, Association des Étudiants et Chercheurs Chinois de Rimouski, Bright Vision Hospital, Central Singapore CDC, North-East CDC, Jia Ying Seniors Activity Centre, National Arts Council Singapore, Synergie Wallonie pour l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes asbl in Belgium. Since 2016, the mosaics of my community projects are installed in Bright Vision Hospital and Jia Ying SAC in Singapore, City Hall of Rimouski, primary school École du Grand-Pavois-de-Sainte-Agnès, Metis Beach School and in the parks of Métis-sur-mer in Quebec, Canada.

Here’s an interview with Lisan D. Chng by Culture Pour Tous in Canada.

Building communities and connecting people through art engagement projects.