Les Tresors de LOcean_lowres

Treasures of the Ocean 2013 (Canada)

As part of the 14th Intercultural Festival of Rimouski, Accueil et Intégration BSL and MosaicJam presented an intercultural mosaic project, an artistic creation with the community, under the theme of ‘The Treasures of the Ocean’. The unique feature of the project 2013 is that we worked with children of 9 to 12 years old from diverse cultural backgrounds in the Lower Saint Lawrence region. In the first phase of the project, we worked with students from l’École de Grand-Pavois-Sainte-Agnés in the beginning of June. In the second phase, we worked with 5 to 8 children in MosaicJam’s workshop. The children learnt how to work with clay and glazes. They created cultural symbols in ceramic. We asked each child to imagine a marine animal, real or mythical, that links with their culture of origin. Their creations contributed to the collective mosaic mural. The hopes and beliefs of each child were given space for expression. In the third part of the Project, we invited the multicultural community of the Lower Saint Lawrence region to come participate and finish the mural. Adults were specifically invited for this part of the adventure!
Here’s a video of one of our young participants in the project!