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Project HOPE – Seeds of Hope – 2014 (Singapore)


Project HOPE is a community mosaic mural project, led by mosaic artist Lisan Chng and founder of MosaicJam, in collaboration with Bright Vision Hospital in Singapore. The project team worked  collectively and intensively with patients, staff, volunteers, students, members of the Bright Vision Hospital community and the general public to create a large mosaic mural that was inspired by stories and hopes of patients, caregivers and volunteers.

“Through Project HOPE, My aim was to engage the community to conceptualise and bring patients’ stories of hope and volunteers’ aspirations to life, in the form of a large mosaic mural,” shared Lisan.

Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) is a 318-bed community hospital serving an estimated number of 1000 patients annually. The patients are mainly elderly and needy who require rehabilitation, long-term medical care and financial assistance.

With 32 hands-on workshop sessions conducted over 12 weeks (May to July 2014), the project focused on engaging the community with a wide outreach effort, and rallying support from the hospital community to realize this creative project. The final art piece is titled ‘Seeds of HOPE’, a mural measuring 8ft by 16ft. It underwent over six phases of transformation from brainstorming and drawings to clay making, mosaic setting and the final process of grouting. The team and volunteers spent nearly 1,600 volunteer hours to complete the mural. During the workshops, participants interacted and bonded in a creative environment. It also engaged students in the process of creation so that they could inculcate the values of giving and sharing.

Watch the video that takes you behind the scenes of the mosaic mural making by the community:

“The amazing thing is that we had the right number of people at the right time. In fact the whole entire project is magical how everything came together. This mural is a manifestation of the generosity and love of the volunteers who came forward to contribute.” said Lisan.

This project is made possible with the financial support of National Arts Council (Singapore), Central Singapore Community Development Council and Keppel Care Foundation. eCube Global is the administrative partner of MosaicJam on Project Hope. MosaicJam and Bright Vision Hospital wish to thank all partners for making this project possible.

Here’s a brief view of the unveiling of the mural at the Launch:

Lisan BVH Launch

“Central Singapore CDC is delighted to have connected MosaicJam to Bright Vision Hospital, a link-up that has resulted in Project HOPE, a collaboration that has brought much joy to the patients and caregivers at Bright Vision Hospital. It is very heartening to see people from all backgrounds coming together through arts, and I would like to encourage more arts enthusiasts and volunteers to step forward and contribute their creative talents and artworks to do something meaningful for our community.” Ms Denise Phua, Mayor, Central Singapore District.

The mural now stands at level 2, Atrium area of the hospital. It creates a connection between art and healing to the patients, their families, staff and visitors.

Download a brochure of Project HOPE Summary
Would you like to find out more about stories behind Project HOPE? Download booklet here.

Here’s more information about Project HOPE from BVH’s website:
More than 500 planting the seeds of HOPE
Leaf-of-HOPE Campaign at Hort Park
Photos from Launch of Seeds of HOPE

Check out the making of the mural through these photos albums:








To have more details on Project HOPE, please email Project Leader Lisan Chng at l…@mosaicjam.com.



Letter to all volunteers of Project HOPE

To all participants and volunteers to-be,

Through this project of mosaic mural creation, I would like to awaken the power of creativity within those who come forth to participate – the power that already resides in each one of us.

We are all artists at heart. This is the fundamental belief that underlies the community mosaic projects that I lead. If we drop all notions of judgment, evaluation of good and bad, true art is an expression of one’s self. However, in our modern society, which is very much anchored in performance and judgment, we often do not accept and let ourselves fully express who we are. This repression, directly or indirectly, is connected to our diseases – be they physical, mental or emotional. This is the message that I would like to directly and indirectly bring to everyone, and especially those who seek healing.

The unknown is often frightening to many of us. From my experience, I have had participants who began the process of creation with a lot of fear and anxiety, partly due to having never touched clay or mosaic in their lives before. However, when they complete the project, an accomplished feat that they have never imagined before, they emerge from it prouder of themselves than ever. I have seen them going forward into their lives with greater confidence and creativity, building on the momentum of creation the project has started in them. Sometimes all we need is a spark.

In project HOPE, you will be empowered to create, to express your hopes and to learn from each other. This experience will ignite your passion within to create, not just mosaic art, but the passion to create your life as well.

It would be my privilege to work with you, with the patients, staff and volunteers of Bright Vision hospital. Aligned with Venerable Yen Pei’s teaching, my personal vision for the project would be to empower and inspire those who come in contact with the project with a sense of hope and a brighter vision of life. May we all leave this project, realized and fulfilled, with a larger version of ourselves.

Your truly,

Lisan Chng
Community Mosaic Artist
Founder of MosaicJam
Leader of Project HOPE