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Meeting Seniors at the Friendship Lunch

One of the key goals of the intergenerational mosaic project is to reach out to seniors who might feel isolated in their daily lives and to invite them to join us for some creative time. The project is also open to active seniors and adults who would like to give some of their time to create, and to share their time with the young ones.

I made a special trip to Metis and “crashed” the Seniors Friendship Lunch to meet them at their regular hangouts. Nothing beats meeting face to face and letting them get to know me. After speaking about the project and sharing info flyers around, a few seniors have expressed interest and openness to participate. Yay!

Let’s meet Grandma Winny who has such gentleness and kindness about her. I’ve invited both her daughter Wendy and Grandma Winny to join us for the mosaic workshops at Metis Beach School. After a few thoughtful moments, Grandma Winny said with a smile, “I’d like that.”

That – just made my trip and my day.

– Lisan
(Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019)