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Celebrating the lunar new year @ Metis Beach School!

The wonderful thing about being artist in school is that we get adopted into the school community, like being part of the family. I was lucky and privileged to be invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the students, from pre-school to grade 5-6, by sharing the Chinese new year rituals, symbols, folklores and traditions with the children. One of the students, Lucy, just came to Canada from China with her parents. Her parents were invited to share the Chinese New Year tradition of making dumplings with the students. What a lucky day, as we chowed down freshly made dumplings and yummy fried spring rolls offered for lunch. It was a school-wide celebration. There were even lanterns lit up to highlight the first full moon of the lunar new year.  What a great way to get to know another culture! Thank you, Brett, principal of Metis Beach School, for organizing this special celebration and making this an important learning experience for the children!


Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of a community project with the young ones, it is inevitable that we will have a lot of preparation to do. Tasks such as painting the pots, and cutting materials into ready shapes are tedious and manual. They require patience, time and effort. Thank goodness we have angels to help us. Special thanks to Ms Fournier for taking time to paint the pots outside of classes. And many special thanks to Andrea Landry, one of our adult participants, who took many afternoons and evenings helping us to cut the tiles into the right shapes and sort them into coloured boxes. Without your help, the project would not be smooth and possible for the young ones. INFINITE thanks for your contribution!  (see the photo: so much love from the young ones…*heart melts*)

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Happy to meet you – Valentine’s Day!

Perhaps we should say thanks to the snow storms that the first time the senior adult participants met the kindergarten and E1-2 classes students fell on Valentine’s Day. It was magical, as the adult participants came and offered Valentine’s day cookies to the little ones. And at the same time, the students took time to write and draw colourful cards with hearts to give to the seniors. It was a wonderful meet-and-greet moment for everyone, with such kind tenderness. The ice is broken with lots of pink and sweet cookies. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

p.s. Thank you, Tonja, for taking the time to shop for the cookies and eventually offering them as your gift! Great that you mentioned you’re the cookie queen and that this is up your lane! We’re so lucky to have you with us! =)

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Meeting Seniors at the Friendship Lunch

One of the key goals of the intergenerational mosaic project is to reach out to seniors who might feel isolated in their daily lives and to invite them to join us for some creative time. The project is also open to active seniors and adults who would like to give some of their time to create, and to share their time with the young ones.

I made a special trip to Metis and “crashed” the Seniors Friendship Lunch to meet them at their regular hangouts. Nothing beats meeting face to face and letting them get to know me. After speaking about the project and sharing info flyers around, a few seniors have expressed interest and openness to participate. Yay!

Let’s meet Grandma Winny who has such gentleness and kindness about her. I’ve invited both her daughter Wendy and Grandma Winny to join us for the mosaic workshops at Metis Beach School. After a few thoughtful moments, Grandma Winny said with a smile, “I’d like that.”

That – just made my trip and my day.

– Lisan
(Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019)