Celebrating the lunar new year @ Metis Beach School!

The wonderful thing about being artist in school is that we get adopted into the school community, like being part of the family. I was lucky and privileged to be invited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the students, from pre-school to grade 5-6, by sharing the Chinese new year rituals, symbols, folklores and traditions with the children. One of the students, Lucy, just came to Canada from China with her parents. Her parents were invited to share the Chinese New Year tradition of making dumplings with the students. What a lucky day, as we chowed down freshly made dumplings and yummy fried spring rolls offered for lunch. It was a school-wide celebration. There were even lanterns lit up to highlight the first full moon of the lunar new year.  What a great way to get to know another culture! Thank you, Brett, principal of Metis Beach School, for organizing this special celebration and making this an important learning experience for the children!