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MosaicJam’s projects in the news

Chinese New Year Intercultural Mosaic Project 2014

Here’s MosaicJam’s cultural mediation project, an intercultural mosaic project for Chinese New Year 2014, that won Lisan Chng a bursary award from Culture Pour Tous. In collaboration with AECC (Association des Étudiants et Chercheurs Chinois), we invited participants from diverse backgrounds in the Lower Saint Lawrence region to come together and make mosaics inspired from the Chinese culture and their own culture.



An interview with  Lisan D. Chng, winner of the Cultural Mediation Bursary award, awarded by Culture pour tous in Montreal for MosaicJam’s intercultural project in Rimouski, Quebec.


Here’s MosaicJam’s project featured in the TV news channel, TVA Est-du-Québec La Vie Chez Nous.


Cultural Mediation Bursary Award

Lisan D. Chng is one of two recipients of the cultural mediation support grants offered by Culture pour tous to foster the emergence of projects and the dissemination of cultural mediation expertise throughout Quebec.

Lisan implemented an intercultural mosaic project in collaboration with the Association des étudiants et chercheurs chinois (AECC) at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR). In three workshops held over a period of three weeks in January 2014, almost a dozen participants from diverse cultural communities each created a mosaic in which Chinese culture dialogued with references to the participant’s own culture. The works were exhibited at the UQAR art gallery in February 2014 and then in Lévis.

Read Lisan’s interview with Culture Pour Tous on her views of her social and creative intervention through mosaics.


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